Our Goal

The International Organization for Science and Engineering in Africa (IOSEA) is created by international researchers and teachers who are involved in engineering and applied sciences in Africa, including systems modelling. It is composed of individual members and institutional members, of which several originate from different countries in Africa.

  • An individual member is any physical person concerned by the activities of the organization and pays a yearly contribution.
  • Any legal entity or moral person can be an institutional member concerned by the development of science and pays a yearly contribution.

The aim of the International Organization of Scientific Conferences is to promote the use of applied sciences and its methodological developments, to ensure the representation of practitioners, to teach and carry out research activities, to cooperate with other related organizations. It proposes particularly:

  • Facilitate exchanges between scientists working in administrations, companies and educational or research institutions;
  • Promote the development of adapted training courses, international cooperative and sustainable research projects to face challenges.
  • Contribute to strengthening the capacity of partners in Africa through training and skills development.